Mystery Diner: La Notte Due doubles down on flavor

The phrase "la notte due" roughly translates from Italian as "the second night," but La Notte Due could easily rank a first place in the local Italian dining pantheon.

Mystery Diner: Big Hurt Brewhouse new player on pub scene in Berwyn

Heading to a restaurant named after one of my childhood heroes was an exciting prospect, and the food at Big Hurt Brewhouse did not disappoint.

Mystery Diner: Dao explores sushi and Thai cuisines

Finding a restaurant that delectably delivers on its promise of multiple cuisines in one menu can be an arduous task.

Mystery Diner: Fuego in Brookfield celebrates Mexican favorites

Directly across from the Metra rail crossing, on the corner of Grand Boulevard and Brookfield Avenue, sits 1-year-old Fuego, a quaint respite from the everyday. In a cleverly designed building, the traditionally decorated Fuego is a cantina in the truest sense, a handy place to stop for a Margarita or a cold beer, and some tasty Mexican classics.