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"Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days" recently was released by CrossLink Publishing. Wheaton author Christine Litavsky says her book reminds readers that God is always at work, even when it’s hard to see His hand in their daily routines.

Using stories from the author’s everyday life, the encouraging book is designed to help readers pull often-elusive glimmers of grace out of a chaotic world, examine them, and rest in the assurance that they are loved by God.

Litavsky explains that "Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days" prompts people to remember to slow down and ruminate on the moments of grace in their lives; when they do, good days become better, and hard days become a bit more redeemable.

“Chris has an extraordinary gift – one that psychologist Lewis Smedes refers to as ‘magic eyes’ – the gift to look at the ordinary things in our lives through the eyes of grace,” stated Chris Ellerman, CEO of Outreach Community Ministries.

Litavsky describes herself as a writer fascinated with God’s goodness, even when life doesn’t quite go as it should.

She has written for area newspaper and magazine publications, as well as, and American Family Magazine. She can be contacted at

To learn more about her book and how to find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Crosslink Publishing, visit