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Matt Kissane (Photo provided)

With Slash hitting town for Ribfest in Naperville on Friday, July 5, Villa Park comedian and web show host Matt Kissane shares his insights into a possible Guns N' Roses reunion down the road.

Kissane explains that former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler told him, "It's possible for a Guns and Roses reunion."
The teasing prospect stems from Kissane's 2011 interview with the musician.

"Adler confided that it may be possible for a Guns N' Roses tour," Kissane said, adding that Adler's Appetite bassist Chip Z'nuff (Enuff Z'nuff, Missing Persons) chimed in – saying that although he was never in Guns N' Roses, they owe it to their fans to reunite.

Slash, the original guitarist of Guns N' Roses, along with Axl Rose and Adler co-founded the multiplatinum group in California in the mid 1980s.

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