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Rating: Three Stars. Australian dance rock outfit Empire Of The Sun’s 2008 release, “Walking on a Dream,” was a surprise hit after it caught on in the U.S. But the second half of that release fizzled out before its end.

On their follow-up, “Ice On The Dune,” Empire Of The Sun have learned from their mistakes.

The new album maintains the same identity throughout, avoiding falling flat before the last song.

While their music on “Ice On The Dune” remains as lush as it did on their last release, Empire Of The Sun further embrace the dance side of their music. “Celebrate” and “Surround Sound” rattle speakers with some of the heaviest bass ever heard in an Empire Of The Sun song.

Both of those songs appear on the back end of the album, where the band picks up the pace. The album builds to a high point before coming in for a soft landing on the Prince-esque “Keep A Watch.”

Empire Of The Sun sound so much more dialed-in on “Ice On The Dune” as they play to their strengths.

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