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Rating: Four Stars. Let's get the obligatory Paul Simon reference out of the way early. Through the use of elements of African music, Vampire Weekend has always been compared to the singer-songwriter. "Modern Vampires of the City" could be construed as the band's most Paul Simon-y release to date, as they wrap up a trilogy of albums.

Vampire Weekend's sound is more loose for the finale. Don't expect that upbeat, tight sound more commonly heard on their first two albums. Vampire Weekend takes time to air things out on "Modern Vampires of the City." A long crescendo across "Obvious Bicycle," "Hannah Hunt" and other songs early on this album never seems too plodding.

It also helps we're given some of Vampire Weekend's most accessible lyrics. While "Modern Vampires of the City" follows up on a story from past releases, there's less obtuse character references.

The album's climax hits nine songs in on "Worship You." The uptempo track makes the payoff worth the wait. After this, the rest of the album has the band coming in for a soft landing.

"Modern Vampires of the City" is well-written, well-thought out, and signals Vampire Weekend's most complete work.

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