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The newest spot for dessert in West Chicago is Paleteria Rosy. (Photo provided)

Foodies around the country have discovered the fresh fruity flavors of the Mexican treat known as paletas – milk or fruit-based ice pops. Small shops, kiosks and pushcarts have been popping up to sell the frozen treats which have a wide appeal among people of every ethnicity. One such paleteria has arrived in downtown West Chicago at 208 Main St., creating a buzz for its distinctive desserts.

Paleteria Rosy started as a small family business launched in 1975 in Mexico by Juan Figueroa, who first came to West Chicago in 1980, and fell in love with the town and its people. Hoping to start his business on Main Street, he died six months before its grand opening, but his children (daughter Rosy and her husband, Raul Pina, and son Marco Figueroa and his wife, Gaby), decided to take over the family business, and proceed with the grand opening as a tribute to their father’s dream.

“Our ice cream is made daily with fresh fruits – with and without dairy products; we also have a variety of snacks, fresh fruit cups and beverages,” say the shop’s namesake, Rosy Pina.

Among the names of some of the desserts besides the paletas, are mangonadas (soft mango ice), bionicos (Mexican fruit salad), yogurt con fruta (yogurt with fruit), and gelatinas 3D (three-dimensional gelatin desserts created with intricate detail). Also on the menu board are banana splits, flans, smoothies and frozen coffee, making it easy work to acquire the necessary 10 punches on the Paleteria's rewards card for a free dessert.

For more information, call Paleteria Rosy at 630-520-0863.