March 25, 2013 • 07:15:07 p.m.

La Grange Park author marches to his own diet


Gary Charles Metz publishes book about the diet plan he devised while on vacation. (Submitted photo)

Just the thought of dieting and exercise can make most people cringe. Both are difficult things to do, and most diets die just as fast as a New Year’s resolution. But La Grange Park resident Gary Charles Metz has found his own solution.

While on an extended vacation in Florida, Metz decided he could stand to shed a few pounds. When he returned thinner and healthier, everyone was dying to know his secret.

After losing 42 pounds in 84 days by shrinking his appetite and walking once a day, he decided he had discovered something that could work for anyone and wanted to share it with the world. So he wrote the book "The Eat What You Want Diet, aka The Shrwalk (Shrink and Walk Diet).”

“It wasn’t conventional at all, but I figured I could spread the word,” Metz says. “I’m not a doctor, but this diet is for the normal guys.”

The concept is easy — he slims his meals down to just one a day, interspersed with a few snacks throughout the day, and spends at least one hour a day walking. Simple enough.

And because Metz doesn’t cook, the one meal he eats a day is usually at a restaurant or made in the microwave — both of which go against conventional dieting.

“Even though it’s easy and simple in concept, (it can be) difficult in practice," he says. "You have these old habits to undo. I still find myself ordering stuff at restaurants for the old me — extra dressing, a second Coke or a second helping. I’m still wrestling the old ways.”

But since his book came out earlier this year, he has continued to shed the pounds using his plan. Metz has lost another 10, for a total weight loss of 52 pounds.

He self-published his book through BookBaby to help get the word out about his simple plan for everyday guys like himself. The book is available as an eBook for 99 cents.

“I’m the average guy and this is how it works,” Metz says. “You don’t have to spend hours … measuring. I don’t cook. I don’t have a trainer. Who has the time or the patience? It’s so simple.”

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Local author writes book on his own weight-loss strategy, "The Eat What You Want Diet, aka The Shrwalk (Shrink and Walk Diet)"

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